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What's for dinner? A common question, met by some with uncommon dread.

Everyone knows planning meals ahead can save time and money and lead to a more balanced diet for your family. If you're having trouble planning your weekly menus, look no further!

As a budget-conscious mother, I check local grocery ads, use coupons, and plan meals that are healthy, tasty, easy, and use the ingredients that are on sale that week!

Stick around and each week I'll post a meal plan, ingredient list, and recipes. Spice up your regular routine-- and let me do all the legwork!

And just so you know, most of my recipes will make approximately four servings.

But that's approximate. Some recipes have four bigger servings, some smaller, and some (especially when I'm trying something new) might make even more than that. This works for my family because I generally pack the leftovers for my husband's lunches (we have leftovers since the baby and Grandpa don't always eat full servings). Luckily my husband loves leftovers! I also like to give dinner to busy couples in our neighborhood if I make much more than we will eat.
Of course, some people are bigger eaters than others, and you will certainly know your own family better than I. If you think you are hungrier people than we are, you might want to throw in a few extras with your meals (a loaf of bread, an instant side dish like Rice-a-Roni, a plate of brownies for dessert, etc). Stock up on these handy extras whenever they go on sale, and you'll be set to impress at dinner time!
All you need to do each week is copy down the shopping list (being careful to omit anything you already have in your pantry at home) and cook the meals. To save lots of extra money at the grocery store, you can also clip coupons to stock up on what your family loves.

Click on the links at the top of the page if you want more details on how I do things, or just start with this week's meal plan. Enjoy!