Why Wednesday?

I plan my meals on Wednesday because that's when most grocery sales begin.

Sometimes I get to preview the grocery ads on Tuesday, which can give me a nice head start. But most often, I get up and check Grocery Smarts first thing Wednesday morning. I look over the deals and decide what to include in my meal plan that week.

I'm able to get my whole meal plan and grocery list done before my son wakes up! Good thing I'm an early riser! (Everyone who knows me is now laughing. I am not know to be an early riser in the least. Luckily, my husband's early work schedule encourages me to wake up in good time, giving me plenty of opportunities to accomplish things in the morning. See how lucky I am?)  Once my son goes down for a nap, I quickly clip the coupons I will be using that day.

We are able to get to the store on Wednesday while all the sale items are well stocked. Hooray for saving money!

The other good news about this plan is that my posting on Wednesday gives you a whole week to get your shopping done, just in case you want to follow the same sales, too. Hooray for YOU for saving money!

See you next Wednesday.