Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta from Creative Stirrings, Spinach Salad, Peas

My photo does not do this dish justice.

I am so excited to try this recipe; it sounds DELICIOUS!! Click here for the Roasted Red Pepper Pasta recipe from the blog My Creative Stirrings. And check out fun family activities, cheap dates, easy home decor ideas, and more creative recipes while you're at it!

Prepare pasta according to recipe.

Prepare a spinach salad.

Microwave frozen peas.

*We absolutely loved this meal. It was so flavorful! One word of warning-- use a very large pan to cook your sauce! I used a big frying pan and it just barely held it all. The good news is that you will have plenty of pasta for second helpings! We shared this dinner with another family and still had enough for my husband to take leftovers for lunch. This is a new family favorite. Thanks, Creative Stirrings!!

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