Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Saving on Groceries

How do I save money at the grocery store?

I match up coupons with items that are on sale and buy multiples of those items.

That's it! I keep enough of everything in my pantry and freezer to last me (hopefully) until the next time that item is on a great sale.

Even though I give you a huge, loooooong ingredient list each week, I generally have most of those items in my pantry already. I pick up the fresh items I need, stock up on everything that's on sale, and buy a couple extra items if I'm running low in my pantry.

I learned how to coupon from She Shops Smart. I use Grocery Smarts* each week to figure out which coupons to use. And I check Pinching Your Pennies for other deals.... when I have the time.

My weekly meal plans can be extremely inexpensive for your family ($50 - $60 a week for all of your groceries) if you shop smart. Good luck!

*Grocery Smarts is a free website, but you must enter a passport code to get your local deals. Grocery Smarts is available in the following areas (with passport codes in parentheses):

Utah (g84ctm)
Arizona (g85ro1)
Eastern Washington (g99ro1)
Idaho (g83ro1)
Las Vegas (g89cjm)
Southern California (g92ro1)

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