Friday, May 7, 2010

Food Storage Series Part 2: Tips to Remember about Food Storage

Wow, that last post was getting a little long! Here I'll sum up a few things I've learned.

Make do with the space you've got.

If you've got a special storage room with shelves and all, then consider yourself lucky!

If all you have is a little floor space, you can still find a way to keep your food organized and (somewhat) accessible. Plastic grocery bags may not be ideal, but they work for me. :)

If you don't have any extra rooms, you can still find space in creative places (under beds, in multiple closets, etc.). If I had to use under-bed space, I would organize food into plastic bins and separate canned foods to one room, dry goods into another. Keeping bins well labeled would certainly make it easier to find things quickly.

Make sure you know where things are.
You have to find a system of organization that works for you. Keep food organized in such way that it will be easy to remember where you've put things. You may want to start over a few times until you find a way that works well and is easy to remember.

Don't forget to check on your food regularly.
Grandpa's spoiled food storage reminds us all to use up the food we buy!

Each week, I try to put away all the items I've stocked up on at the grocery store. Often, though, things start to pile up and about once a month I have to take a half hour to keep things straightened up and organized. This monthly look-through gives me a chance to remember exactly what I have on hand and double check expiration dates. I bring up any food to the kitchen that needs to be eaten soon.

I also like to keep a bag in the storage room to eventually deliver to the local food bank. If I got a little overzealous with a good sale and bought food items we don't seem to be eating fast enough, I add them to the bag. Whenever we have food drives, I already know what to give away.

If you have any great food storage tips (or any hilarious horror stories), please share!

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